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What We See Is What We Believe

What We See Is What We Believe

We live in a world of illusions. What we see may not be real but we still believe it to be the truth nevertheless. One may see a snake but in actuality it may just be a coiled rope. Our eyes cannot be trusted because the truth may be different from what we perceive though our eye sight. Wise men say that the human senses are limited and cannot perceive the true nature of this world. Our perceptions are limited by our sense organs and only those who are able to shut out the sense organs and use the extra sensory perception and intuition are able to perceive the higher reality in life.

Most of us do not relate to such philosophy and prefer to remain focused on what we understand in terms of normal thinking and life. However it is true that all the human beings are endowed with the same kind of brain and body. But no two individuals are the same in terms of their intellect and intelligence or in terms of their level of evolvement.

Men and women largely derive their sense of identity from their physical body and appearance. Every woman wishes to be possessed of beauty, elegance, fair complexion and feminine features while men are expected to be tall, dark and handsome. When men and women search for partners, these physical features form the most important criteria and the psychological and intellectual compatibility comes later.

The reality in life is that no two human beings are the same. No physical body is perfect. Every man cannot be perfect interms of his physique and his sexual drive. The physical appearance and sexual drive is largely dependent upon the male hormone. Any imbalance in the testosterone hormone production in the body is likely to affect the physical appearance as well as the sexual drive. It is but natural that with aging the production of testosterone is likely to drop and there comes a point of time when the man undergoes andropause that signals the drastic reduction in production of testosterone. Men begin to lose their physical fitness as well as their sexual drive.

In the modern day living, many men also suffer from hormonal imbalance as a result of the fast paced and stressful lifestyle or due to any medical problems. Many are known to develop conditions such as Adolescent gynecomastia and develop feminine body features. There are men who are by nature very sensitive and quiet while being very caring and loving. Men can be aggressive looking but not possess intellect while on the other hand a fragile looking man can be endowed with great intelligence and brain power.

The class system and the race systems in the human society have been again based on the physical and visible features of human beings whereas in reality the physical and external appearance have nothing to do with the character, intelligence and integrity of a person.

Are we living in a fools world? Why is it that we still run after external beauty and physical appearances and lose out on the real beauty of the soul? We are human after all and that can be the only answer.