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What is Male Impotence?

The treatment of every kind of sexual problem is available these days. It is up to you either you consult with your doctor or try to treat it by yourself. We know that doctors are professional in their work and they know how to treat a sexual problem. Despite of knowing that, some people try to treat their problem using their own knowledge and become the victim of more health problems in the end. Some people start searching about the treatment of their health or sexual problem from different books and through internet. They do all of this to just save their few pennies. I think it is the time to think about the health because without a healthy body no one can perform his tasks in an effective way. If you are working in an office, then a good health is of great importance that keeps your mind active to perform the activities. It is also recommended to the people that they should meet a good doctor after ever month for their thorough body checkup. This examination will allow the doctor to know about the health problems you are suffering from and you are about to suffer. He will then prescribe you good medicines so that you can avoid the effect of these health problems.


A sexual problem called as erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual problems found in men. The interesting thing about it is that most of the people do not know anything about it. What is erectile dysfunction or male impotence? Male impotence is basically a problem with the body in which the person does not get penile hardness and erection when he feels sexually stimulated. Contrary to this, a normal person will find his penis erected when he is sexually excited. So what is the thing that unable the man in getting penile erection? Researches show that penis does not become hard automatically but the high flow rate of blood makes it hard. The person who is unable to get penile hardness has the basic problem with blood flow rate. There are many causes of reduction in blood flow rate which ultimately makes the person impotent. Heart disease, depression, anxiety, blood pressure and cholesterol level are considered as causes of erectile dysfunction. Depression and anxiety causes problems for nervous system and thus its poor working leads to erectile dysfunction. High cholesterol level blocks the way of blood in the blood vessels and thus reduces the blood flow rate. This reduction in blood flow rate also makes the male impotent. A man who wants to be healthy and normal without getting this sexual problem should try to prevent these causes. If he is able to do so, then he can live a healthy life. Besides this, good and effective communication between you and your doctor is also necessary for the sake of your health. He will keep guiding you how you should spend your life in a healthy way.