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Temptations That Destroy

What does an average man want out of life? Naturally he wants a good job that is engaging as well as rewarding. He wants a family that loves him. He wants a home, a car and a dog as well as friends whom he can drink with and spend time. These are but the average needs of every human being.

Naturally every young man aspires to educate himself and get a job that pays him well. The freedom that comes with earning one’s own money makes him feel empowered and powerful. It is but natural that he begins to spend the money on shopping, dining and partying. Slowly he begins to drink, smoke and have girl friends. This is but the average life of a normal individual irrespective of which society he lives in.

A few years down the line, he feels that need to marry and settle down with a family. Once these have been achieved, he tends to relax and enjoy life. This is where the problem begins. As one learns to relax with friends and party, he begins to drink regularly. One does not realize that drinking alcohol and forming the habit of drinking can actually destroy his life. If one is made of weak will, chances are that he becomes a habitual drinker and whenever he finds a tough situation he looks to drinking to help get over the same. The work pressure and life’s challenges can push him to seek the shelter of the bottle without his knowledge. There are men who have a huge ego that does not let them admit their wrongs and seek support from their family members and spouse to face their hurdles. They think that it is unmanly to buckle under pressure or to show that you are weak. Therefore they tend to drink more and more. There can be other reasons for drinking too. At the end men end up drinking heavily for over twenty years of their life.

Up to the age of forty, they are young and raring to go. They work hard at their jobs and enjoy life too. As they hit forties, the body begins to grow older and men enter andropause stage. It is at this time that the problems in their bodies begin to show up. One of the most common problems that plagues men is male impotence. Sometimes men begin to face erectile dysfunction problem occurring intermittently. However after a while, the problem can turn out to become permanent. This situation then turns alarming and threatening not only his sense of being as well as his peace of mind, but affects his relationship with the spouse too. When one begins to take his male impotence seriously and get mentally affected, it is likely that he takes to drinking more.

Alcohol affects the heart rate, blood pressure as well as the liver function and kidney function. In all possibilities the erectile dysfunction can be the direct result of excessive alcohol intake over the years. Not many men are able to understand and related these two aspects together. It takes quite a while for the doctors to find the right cause of erectile dysfunction in the patients because not many come forth to admit their drinking habit.

Men are intelligent, well educated and have the capacity to reason and discriminate. Any idea why it is that they do not realize the harmful effects of drinking and smoking on themselves and still succumb to temptation?