Cialis (tadalafil) tablets dosing: 2,5mg, 5mg, 10 mg, 20mg. Cialis 20 mg imprinted with C 20.

You Can Change the Way of Your Sexual Life

Cialis is a widely prescribed drug for erectile deficiency in men. Cialis drugs can bring in new meanings to your sexual life. With just one pill of cialis, you can change the way of your sexual life.

Cialis acts on the blood vessels that carry blood to the penis. It is a known fact that the penis gets erected faster and the erection lasts longer if there is continuous blood flow in the region. Once the blood vessels in the penile region widens, more blood rushes into the area, paving way for better erection. As long as the blood rushes the penis, the erection lasts.

Only a single cialis pill is prescribed at a time. The drug can be had about forty-five minutes before going for sexual activity. Once a pill of cialis is used, the next pill should only be taken after 24 hours or it can only increase the risk of side effects.

Care should be taken that only the prescribed dosage is taken. But in case an overdose is used, it is better to approach the doctor at the earliest. An overdose of cialis impotency medicine can arise symptoms such as irregular heart beat, increased blood pressure, vision problems, chest pain, nausea and vomiting.

As cialis is very effective, it is available in all drug stores. But one should not take buy cialis without having the advise from a doctor. The doctor is the only right person who can stipulate on the doses. He usually prescribes after considering all your medical conditions, both present and past. When contacting the physician, tell him about all your medical conditions, which includes the allergies that you have. All the problems related to the heart, blood, liver, kidney and penis should be discussed with the physician for him to take a proper decision.

The doctor may not be prescribed if a person is taking nitrate packed drugs. This is not done as mixing the two medicines can only lead to a sudden fall of the pressure, which could land up in heart related issues.

Moreover, a person taking cialis should also give up alcohol, grape fruit and its juice. These should have to be avoided as these all lead to an increased risk of side effects.

In case persons come across any vision issues, he should have to immediately consult the doctor. It is seen that some people who had taken cialis had come across vision problems. But it is not yet established if cialis was the reason for the vision loss. Generally it has been seen that people who already had problems related to the eyes and those who were diabetic and those with hypertension had faced vision loss.

The allergic reactions that some people may come across after taking cialis include swelling, hives and breathing problems.

In case a person comes across chest pain, sudden vision problem, sudden hearing problem, seizures, ringing in ears and nausea, he should not wait for anything and rush to the doctor.