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Role of Erectile Dysfunction in Sexual Health

In such a busy life, it is very necessary to do care of health otherwise there are many health problems which can become the part of life. Some people give importance to their health but many do not care about it. People who care about their health arrange meeting with a professional doctor every month for their complete medical checkup. It helps them in finding their health problem at very early stage. Such people also do a lot of care about their diet. They avoid those foods which can cause obesity or heart disease. Nowadays, unhealthy diet is considered as main reason of bad health. On the other hand, majority of people keep busy in their daily routines and do not go for medical checkup. Some people also avoid meeting with doctors because they think that it is useless to meet them if you feel that you are healthy. It will be waste of money if you are visiting doctor’s clinic to know if you are suffering from a health problem or not. In this article, we are going to discuss about sexual health because a lot of people are becoming victims of different sexual problems.

Erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction is a sexual problem of men. A man suffering from it cannot get penile erection like a normal person. All of us know the importance of erected penis for sexual intercourse. Without getting erection, a person cannot have sex with his life partner. But what are the causes of erectile dysfunction? Main causes of erectile dysfunction are depression, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. High blood pressure and depression are those problems which depend upon diet of a person and daily routine. A person who is able to cope with this situation can easily manage to avoid erectile dysfunction. Is it possible to have sex for a man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction? Yes, he can have sex but for this purpose he needs to consult with a professional doctor who has good command over the treatments of sexual problems. Most of the doctors recommend Viagra for erectile dysfunction but Cialis and Levitra are also available in market for the same purpose. It depends upon the doctor that which medicine he recommends for its treatment. Usually doctor examines the health condition of patient and then recommends him the right dose of right medicine. Side effects are also carried by these medicines so it is important to take them according to the prescription of doctor. Taking over dose of recommended medicine in order to get prolong erection can cause serious health problem for the user. Contact to health care provider immediately in case of any side effect of medicine on health.

It is better to avoid all those causes which create such sexual problems rather than treating them in the end. People who do not care about their diet should take healthy diet as per nutritionist. A healthy diet is the guarantee of good health.