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Masturbation – a taboo with so many benefits

Many people having religious beliefs that masturbation is not a good thing and one should not masturbate as it is forbidden in their religion and causes many health problems. Besides this, it remained a cultural taboo for many years. Since medical science has made lots of advancement in research and technology, it has been proved that masturbation has no bad effects on health. On the other hand, it has many benefits which a man can have by masturbating. In this article, I will share some key benefits of doing masturbation.

Stress Relief: Masturbation has many pros but the one that is very important to know is it relieves stress. A man who is very stressful and having bad time at office can masturbate. He will surely find himself in peace. When the man masturbates, he releases two substances endorphins and dopamine in the body and they create the feeling of relaxation and pleasure. It is also helpful in reducing the blood pressure and making it normal in a few minutes.

Fall asleep fast: Many people take sleeping pills to get sleep because of stressful mind. By masturbation, the man gets pleasurable feelings which come when the mind is de-stressed. In this way, the man falls asleep real quickly after masturbating.

Nitric Oxide level in body: Certain level of nitric oxide in the body is very important for men. This chemical is responsible for erection at the time of sexual excitement. This chemical relaxes the blood vessels of the penis and thus allows more blood to pass through the veins which give penile erection. Masturbation helps in maintaining the adequate level of nitric oxide in body and gives sexual stamina.

Knowledge of pleasure: With masturbation, the man comes to know about his penis and how he can enjoy sexual activity more. He can use this knowledge while having real sexual intercourse and can enjoy the real pleasure in a better way. It also helps in increasing the erection time of penis because masturbation helps in increasing the sexual stamina of a man.

Manage your weight: Masturbation gives many benefits and one of them is good metabolism. A good metabolism supports in managing the weight and keeping the man healthy.

Reduce migraines: Migraines patient will find masturbation very useful for them as the mind remains in peace for longer period of time after masturbation, thereby reduces the frequency of having headaches.

It can make immune system strong: A strong immune system is very necessary for a man as it keeps the diseases away and helps in keeping the body healthy. Masturbation increases the number of white blood cells of body, which are helpful in fighting against infections and other diseases.

Sexual pleasure: There are many men who remained unable to find a partner to have sex. Masturbation is a remedy for those people who want to enjoy sexual pleasure. Sometimes, the sexual partner is not in a mood to have sex so it is better for man to masturbate to get sexual pleasure rather than making her feel bad.