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Love and Life

We humans are very complex beings. God made each one of us unique. No two persons are the same. Though people say that you can find your exact twin in terms of soul mate somewhere on this earth, the fact remains that each one of us is uniquely endowed with a different mindset and emotional makeup. It is our emotions that make us what we are.

We all believe that marriages are made in heaven and that relationships are for a life time. It is true that a marriage or a relationship is for a life time. However what people do not look into is to see whether the relationship has remained the same all through the life time or not? If someone were to believe that marriage is but a sure shot recipe for a life of roses, the harsh reality can be shocking. Romance goes out of the window the minute the married couple settle down to the realities of the domestic life. It takes a lot of conscious effort on both sides to nurture the relationship and keep the romance alive. It is not enough for one person to be trying to make the marriage work always. No matter whether the couple has a family or not, the personal equation and the relationship is independent of the external realities and is dependent upon the individuals themselves. It takes two to tango. Similarly it takes both the partners to be equally involved emotionally, mentally as well as physically to call their relationship a successful partnership.

Whether one is able to play his part well in the relationship or not depends upon a lot of factors. In the normal routine of life, individuals do tend to get busy chasing career goals or seeking challenges at work place or pursuing a hobby passionately and their interest can consume them completely. In such cases it is quite possible that they continue to neglect their partner or nurture the relationship. If the individual were to take the other partner for granted, then it becomes a one sided relationship and will not have a long future.

There are many other significant events and stages in one’s life that bring their own challenges in every man’s life and can threaten their relationship too. Financial insecurity, emotional insecurity are said to be two of the important factors that affect men’s psyche causing them to behave irrationally or try to avoid taking on their responsibilities. In many cases, men are found to suffer from depression due to hormonal imbalance and this can cause or damage their relationship with the partner as well. Reduction of the production of male hormone testosterone can not only cause lack of sexual desire and drive but also causes depression and nervousness in men. In the absence of the awareness of the medical reason for their behavior, they end up facing serious and long term consequences of damaging their relationship. If a couple who have been married for over two decades are considering a divorce, the reason can be with issues regarding incompatibility or even physical hormonal imbalance playing havoc with one’s emotions and mind.

Many believe that Life is like a lottery. The only way to look at life is to live every moment and have the wisdom to understand that everything and everyone in this life is transitory.