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Improving Your Health

Health are two terms which cannot be separated. Fitness works hand in hand with health. One cannot be healthy if they are not fit. Fitness therefore plays a very large role in one’s state of well being physically, mentally and socially. When one is agile, has balance, coordination and is strong they are said to be fit hence healthy. Therefore, fitness is beneficial to the body.

Health are important in the overall well being of a person. Fitness involves doing exercises by working out. You can also choose running as a way of keeping fit.

Exercise helps to overcome poor eating habits which lead to poor health. Working out benefits one’s health as regular activity will also help mental health by reliving stress, helping one sleep better and renew their energy.

Health are directly connected to one’s life. Not being fit is quite serious as it can lead to death. This demonstrated in the case of individuals who suffer from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, obesity, high blood pressure and many others. They are likely to die if they are diagnosed by any of them. All this can be prevented if only people could make fitness part of their lifestyle.

Fitness increases and strengthens bones. It has been said that running regularly helps to fight aging as it prevents muscle and bone loss due to age. In addition, it also prevents stroke and breast cancer. Many doctors recommend running to patients suffering from diabetes, osteoporosis and other ailments. Running also strengthens the heart and reduces the risk of a heart attack. It will lower blood pressure and improve the general health.

Health can also be achieved through eating well. As mentioned exercise helps to overcome poor eating habits. One should then concentrate in healthy eating which is achieved through having a balanced diet. A balanced diet is where one consumes a variety of foods from each food group and in the correct proportion. This means ensuring one’s plate contains fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins, milk and dairy foods.

Fruits and vegetables should make up at least a third of one’s diet. It is also advised by nutritionist to take fruits as snacks instead of junk foods such as cakes, crisps, biscuits and others. Starchy carbohydrates should also make up a third of one’s diet. Carbohydrates are the body’s source of energy. They contain a lot of fiber and other nutrients which have a lot of other health benefits. Milk and other dairy products should not be consumed in large quantity of the large fat content. Proteins should also be eaten in moderation. They serve a functional and structural component of all cells in the body. One should remember that eating too much or too little food is unhealthy balance is what matters.

In conclusion, exercise helps one to improve on himself and in order to increase a person’s life expectancy one will have to take into consideration their health.