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Impotence and Obesity - The Connection

One of the biggest health problems of the Western world is obesity. The worst part is, people don't seem to understand the severity of the problem. Obesity can serve as a gateway for a host of other more serious health problems. The problem of obesity goes beyond aesthetics. Do you know that it can even cause impotence? If you are suffering from impotence and are overweight then you must understand the connection between failing to "perform" and that spare tire you have around your belly. For overweight individuals who are not yet suffering from impotence, then the connection should serve as another motivation to lose weight.

Impotence and Obesity

Not everyone who is obese suffer from impotence but a great percentage of overweight individuals are experiencing erectile dysfunction. If you are one of these individuals then you would be relieved to know that your problem may be solved by simply losing weight. The main health problem that arises from obesity is reduced function of the cardiovascular system. The extra weight can also put an extra strain on the heart. For the penis to function properly, sufficient blood is needed down there. Erectile dysfunction occurs when insufficient blood is pumped into the penis. Long-term deprivation of blood can lead to more serious problems such as penis shrinkage.

Another reason why many obese people suffer from impotence is because of compressed blood vessels, particularly the blood vessels that lead to the lower part of the body. When blood vessels are compressed, blood circulation is also hampered. Poor blood circulation can also lead to loss of sensation that can arise from nerve damage. Of course, losing sensation in your sexual organ can spell problems for your sex life. This coupled with erectile dysfunction can greatly affect your chances of being a stud.

You need energy to have sex. Obese individuals always seem to be gasping for breath and this could severely hamper their performance in bed. Overweight individuals would rather lie down and sleep in bed than do sexual acrobatics. They simply do not have the stamina for it. The lack of energy can lead to a general loss of interest in sex which could then lead to erectile dysfunction and impotence. This is not to say though that all overweight men lack the energy for sex. After all, there are men on the heavy side but are still active. The key is to get more exercise because physical activity can lead to having more energy.

Impotence can be a symptom of a much more serious health condition such as type 2 diabetes. Men who are overweight are more prone to getting type 2 diabetes than men with normal weight. If you are having trouble with erection, then you should get yourself checked for type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, diabetes reversal is not uncommon already, especially for people who have decided to follow a healthier lifestyle.

If you are overweight and are suffering from impotence, the a simple change in your lifestyle can solve your problem. Make the decision today and you will be on your way to a happier sex life.