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Heart Attack risk increases due to famous Medicine

Medicines are the remedy of diseases and patient feel relax in problem. As medicines helps in diseases, similarly it can cause some of the side effects on the body. It is cleared from study that many of the medicines increase the risk factor of heart attack. In this study researcher explained that many of the patients use medicines for heart burning for a long period of time and as a result they suffer from a great risk of Heart Attack. In proton pump inhibitors users; there were slight increase of the heart attack. This case was studied over 200000 peoples who were suffering from heartburn disease. There was a high consumption of inhibitors recorded in 2009. Proton pump inhibitors are consist of acid-suppression drug which is easily available in market with different brand names like Prilosec, Prevacid and Nexium. But this research was unable to explain the cause of heart attack through medicines and moreover expert opinions were different about its connection.

But another medicine available with the name of H2-Blockers which is not acts as increase in the heart attack risk, author said. These medicines are available with the brands name of Pepcid, Zantac and Tagamet. Some people said that by adding the risk factor of the medicines has increased the use of proton pump inhibitors. Dr. F. Paul Buckley III said that it was in our notice that these medicines have high negative effects but these are powerful against the diseases. Buckley added that most of the problems of medicines related with the drug suspension of stomach acid and this is not included in the study. It is found that when acid id blocked into the stomach then it become unable to utilize such kind of nutrition like Calcium, magnesium and vitamin B-12. It is also found that proton pump inhibitor may cause the problem related to the bones as Fracture and loss of bone-density.

Dr. John Cooke said that in this research the use of proton pump inhibitor and heart attack is not connected with the use of the Plavix. It is also estimated by the researcher team that proton pump inhibitor users have high risk of heart attack a compare to chronic acid reflux people who are not taking the medicines. Buckley concluded that patient should use these types of medicines for a short period of time and left them as they feel some sort of improvement. This action should be same for H2-blockers too. If there is a need to continue these medicines then patient should as to the Doctor.