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Healthy Body has Healthy Mind

It is well known fact that healthy body is responsible of healthy mind. If a person wants to keep sharp and active of their mind then he should use it for all over the age by engaging into some puzzles and brain teaser games for thinking. It is recommended by experts that people have to overlook on their body health to keep the mind healthy as its health is connected to body. Dr. Mary Ann Bauman said, we are trying to recognize the people that body health is mainly responsible of mind activation and people should do exercise and should take a good food so it will prove good for the mind health. Moreover Alzheimer's Association has published many of the health tips which explain the love with your brain. In this publication Alzheimer's wrote about 10 tips for this love. Alzheimer's Association also estimated that 47 million people are living with mind problem called Dementia up to 2015 and this number is going to be tripled up to 2050.

Heather Snyder said, it is not possible for medical sciences to stop the increasing number of Bementia and Alzheimer's problem. This responsibility goes on each of the person to work for the betterment of their mind by exercising and taking a healthy diet. It could maintain the mind ability of thinking and problem solving techniques. No any specific thing is recommended for this purpose but balance of all the things written in 10 ways of love with mind can keep the mind health as better as it could be in young age, Synder said. Bauman said, heart is also play an important role in this regard. It is also fact that by keeping the heart and circulatory system the mind health can be improved and helps to keep mind activities for a long time.

She added that with the passage of time small stroke, decreased blood circulation to brain, can be responsible to end and patient can suffer from loss of their faculties. With the health of the mind, person can preserve the mind which usually called “Brain Reserve” to save for from insulting of the brain like aging etc, said Dr. Norman Relkin.

Alzheimer's pointed out some key points for everyone:

Engage in Physical Activity: Bauman said it is well known that we can keep our mind healthy by doing exercises on daily basis.

Stop Smoking: Association said that use of cigarette can reduce your mind working that is why persons who stop smoking have low risk factor and non for the people who never smoked.

Cure your Disease: Bauman said different kind of diseases like diabetes; blood pressure and obesity also effect on heart and mind as well.

Some other advised given are Participate in social activities, safe head from injury, Continue Education and keep engage in brain challenge.