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Diabetes reduces with Healthy Activities

New research suggested that healthy activities like use of healthy foods and exercise routine in daily life saves from type 2 diabetes. It is noted that about 12 percent of diabetes risk reduces with the use of healthy diet in routine. Researcher also found 21 percent reduction in diabetes risk factor in those communities where physical healthy activities are practicing. Paul Christine said, most of the effort should be done from the patient side against type 2 diabetes and our research focused on the neighborhood environment which helps the individual to prevent from diabetes. In this system, an availability of the gym or healthy and fresh place for exercise is important and healthy food as well. Just the availability of the super store of fruits and vegetables does not represent the health and lower factors of diabetes.

On the other hand the cost of these healthy diets is as important as the availability, he added. Researcher team collected data of 5000 people who had not type 2 diabetes at the start time. They were remained under observation from 2000 to 2012. His team also collected some useful information from the neighborhood of such participants about the availability of places for exercise and healthy diet. In this duration, about 12 percent participants victimized of type 2 diabetes. Investigators found that this disease rose in Hispanic and Black people of United States or those who had fewer sources of income and Education. Among these patients some had type 2 diabetes in their history and some were felling in Obese and Overweight category. Some people had issues regarding the healthy diet and safe place for exercise, researcher found.

Nancy Adler said that medications and clinical activities are important but maximum this type 2 diabetes depends on social and behavior condition. Due to the less availability of personal resources, income and neighborhood availability of sources, numbers of the people are very limited which behave for the reduction of type 2 diabetes factors, Adler said. People should have the ability to take as much advantage as they can whenever they have such healthy environment. It is an easy way that by changing the neighborhood environment leads towards the healthy life. Availability of the healthy environment, presence of healthy physical activities, in the neighborhood provides healthy behavior which helps to stop the type 2 diabetes, he said.

It is not an easy task but communities should work on it for their health. It is not possible to always be done, said by Christine. However we have to work for some healthy variation in neighborhood environment for diabetes prevention. This study only discuss about the connection between the neighborhood environment and diabetes but not the cause and effect.