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Breaking The Link Between ED And Depression

Is there any connection between sexual dysfunction and depression? The research has an affirmative answer. Studies show that nearly 35- 47% of depressed men have issues in their sex life, 61% with severe depression had sexual issues and up to 40% of people consuming antidepressants report a drop in sexual contentment. One study showed that 82% men with ED also reported depression symptoms.

The sexual desire that induces you to have an erection begins in your brain. When there are not sufficient brain chemicals to induce the blood flow required for an erection, it leads to ED. Depression makes these brain chemicals to lose balance and this implies that you have less sex drive – and performance is poor.

ED and Depression

Warning Signs of ED and Depression

ED is a usual problem. It is approximated that nearly 50% men of age 50 will suffer from ED at some time. Look out for any of these warning signs to know if a role is played by depression too:

  • Your doctor has medicated you with an antidepressant and is influencing your sexual desire.
  • You have lost interest in sex and pleasure in sex.
  • You start experiencing ED a traumatic life event like loss of a job or a beloved member or family trauma.
  • ED is related with thinking negative about yourself.
  • You have ED along with weird feelings of frustration, stress and anxiety.

How to Get Help for ED and depression

The initial step in getting assistance for erectile dysfunction and depression is conquering the urge not to discuss about it or supposing that it is just a normal part of aging or stress. In several cases there are medical reasons of erectile dysfunction and depression, and in maximum cases both problems may be successfully treated. Here are some steps to be taken:

  • Get a complete medical check-up and let your doctor know about the issues with sex life.
  • If you are taking antidepressant, your doctor may change your medicine or reduce the dose.
  • Your doctor may advice counseling with a mental health care therapist.

The Value of Partner Support

To stop the influence of ED on your relationship, be interactive and talk about the problem honestly. Through understanding and mutual support, the problem is best resolved by working out as a team. The other companion can assist in several ways, some are listed below:

  • Stop being judgmental and get a positive attitude.
  • Think of visiting the doctor together.
  • Study more and more about erectile dysfunction.
  • Look out for drugs, smoking and extreme alcohol consumption, negative habits that are more usual with depression and can cause erectile dysfunction also.

Erectile dysfunction may prove to be dangerous for your self- esteem and sex drive. Whether erectile dysfunction or depression comes first, they mostly attack together. The good thing is that they both can be treated in a well-planned manner. Know about the warning signs and start by being open about your sex life with partner and doctor.