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Beauty Brings Joy

I have been asked to write about beauty. Writing about beauty is a difficult topic because beauty is expressed in multitude of hues and shades. Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. This is very true. What is beauty to one person holds a different meaning to another. The sense of beauty lies in the perception of the observer.

A poet sees and perceives beauty in nature, in human behavior or just in thoughts, while a painter sees beauty in forms, shapes and colors. While someone might look at the stars and feel the beauty of the skies and stars, to another the silently flowing river might bring alive the beauty of nature. There are many people who perceive beauty in the physical form while many others perceive beauty in abstract forms. Beauty is but an expression of nature. It changes every minute of time. Beauty is ravaged by time.

One of the most natural expressions of beauty we see is in the young children as well as young animals and other living beings. All of the young ones of every species are beautiful and naturally attract our attention. There is perhaps no human being who is not attracted to the innocence and beauty of the children and whose heart does not melt. What is it that attracts us to these young babies and make them look beautiful? Essentially the young ones are pure souls and their heart and mind are in essentially pure state without the impressions of the temporal world. It is when they grow up that their mind and hearts acquire the impressions, emotions and form their perceptions. It is essentially the character and the thoughts of the soul that reflects in the outer beauty of the form.

The perception of beauty and the idea of romance always go together. Romance does not necessarily refer to the sex quotient. Romance is the grand perception of the holistic beauty that is perceived in the heart of the observer and need not have anything to do with the sexual content. Romance is the mental engagement and the pure perception of joy that arises from the recognition and perception of the beauty in form or in the abstract.

At a larger level we can say that life itself is an expression beauty. The expression of life varies from time to time and with age. Life is a journey and a celebration of joy and beauty of life. Those who realize this are able to savour the beauty of life at every moment and live life king size. Sadly, most of the people are engaged in battling with the materialistic world and have no time to perceive the finer things of life. One needs to be a romantic at heart to perceive the beauty of life and form. Being pragmatic and practical can be a hindrance to the perception of beauty in the abstract. If everyone were to cultivate the habit of sitting back and taking time to cultivate the sense of beauty and joy, they can become positive and happy beings. Beauty brings joy.