A popular medication in treating erectile dysfunction or impotency as most people address this condition is Cialis. The drug also known as the “week-end pill” due to its long lasting effect acts as a vasodilator increasing the blood flow and allowing it to reach certain areas of the body such as the penis. When taking Cialis one must know that it can interact with other medicine or treatments leading to sever complications. In order to avoid that before starting the administration a physician should be consulted. As a common rule people suffering from heart diseases or chest pain that undergo a treatment based on medications containing nitrate must avoid taking Cialis at all cost as it can lead to a serious drop in their blood pressure. Furthermore, physicians should present patients with the proper action whenever they experience acute chest pain requiring nitroglycerin after taking Cialis. In such cases, men who have used Cialis, and find themselves in a life threatening situation needing an nitrate administration must allow themselves at least 48 hours before considering the nitrate treatment. Moreover the nitrate administration under close medical supervision is highly advised. Therefore, patients accusing anginal chest pain after taking Cialis must seek immediate medical attention

Those who can take Cialis ought to know that the recommended dosage is maximum 20 milligram per day. Whenever painful erection or priapism (prolonged erection) is experienced, a medical consult is urgently required as an irreversible damage to the erectile tissue could otherwise occur. Whenever overdose occurs, standard prescribed measures should be taken into account though it should be known that hemodialysis doesn't eliminate tadalafil completely These are more likely to be explained by a specialist as when they occur they not involve medical supervision at all time but imply the presence of the patient in a medical facility where proper assistance can be given.

The drug's common side effects include loss of equilibrium, nausea, pain, numbness, hives, allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, and neck or chest pain during sexual activity. Loss of vision is a rare side effect of Cialis caused by the decrease of blood flow to the optic nerve. Most patients who have experienced this problem were above 50 years of age and commonly diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disorders, high blood pressure, existing eye problems or lung problems caused by intense smoking. Moreover, in clinical trials meant to test the drug’s efficiency and side effects on men, Tadalafil was administered to over 6550 patients worldwide and reports showing changes in color vision were quite rare (<0.1% of patients)

Patients should know that both alcohol and Cialis, act as mild vasodilators and when they are taken in combination, each individual compound might cause a decrease in the blood-pressure. Therefore, physicians should let patients know that considerable alcohol consumption in combination with Cialis can lead to upright signs and symptoms, such as increase in heart rate, alteration in the standing blood pressure, and even migraine. Studies have shown that these effects occur if more that 5 glasses are being consumed.

Erectile Dysfunction or impotence is a condition when a man cannot maintain a firm erection of the penis long enough for him to engage in sexual intercourse.
Cialis is a widely prescribed drug for erectile deficiency in men. Cialis drugs can bring in new meanings to your sexual life. With just one pill of cialis, you can change the way of your sexual life.
In such a busy life, it is very necessary to do care of health otherwise there are many health problems which can become the part of life. Some people give importance to their health but many do not care about it.
We live in a world of illusions. What we see may not be real but we still believe it to be the truth nevertheless. One may see a snake but in actuality it may just be a coiled rope. Our eyes cannot be trusted because the truth may be different from what we perceive though our eye sight.
Health are two terms which cannot be separated. Fitness works hand in hand with health. One cannot be healthy if they are not fit. Fitness therefore plays a very large role in one’s state of well being physically, mentally and socially.

Use Cialis and enjoy sex

Use of medicines is becoming very common in our people. Every day they are getting new health problems and using medicines for their treatment. Use of medicines is the best way to treat any health problem. You can find many medicines for the treatment of a single disease. This is due to the increasing competition between pharmaceutical companies. Every company is trying to make medicine for every disease and health problem. Now there are a number of medicines in the market. Multinational pharmaceutical companies are making quality medicines which give their result in a short time. In this article I shall tell you about a well known drug called as Cialis. Cialis is made by the Elly pharmaceutical company. Cialis comes in different doses. You have the option to buy a 10 mg and 20 mg dose from any medical store. Do not forget to ask your doctor about the right dose of Cialis. If you will take a heavy dose then you may get many severe problems. Try to avoid them by following your doctor's advice.

First you should have knowledge about the use of Cialis. Cialis is used for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, erectile dysfunction. Some athletes also use this medicine to increase their performance. How Cialis treat erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem also called man impotence. The peon who is the victim of erectile dysfunction cannot get erection in sexually excited state. Since in this sexual problem the flow of blood through the arteries becomes low that is why penis does not become erect in sexually excited state. If you want to get erection then your blood flow should be high through these arteries. Cialis as the ability to increase the blood flow. It can give you a long erection in sexually excited state. Basically there is an enzyme in the body that increases or decreases the blood flow through the arteries. Cialis increases its efficiency which further increases the blood flow.

Cialis is the best medicine for the treatment of ED. Other medicines which are used for the same purpose have some severe side effects which remain for a long time. On the other side, Cialis has some side effects but they are not very harmful for the body and remain for 1 or 2 days. Some side effects are common in which the user may get back pain, headache, muscles aches, facial flushing, dizziness and blurred vision. You can treat them easily by the use of simple medicines. On the other side, a user may get some uncommon side effects. In these uncommon side effects loss of vision and hearing power are present. Some people have also reported the case of getting heart attack. They chances of getting these uncommon side effects are negligible but we cannot ignore them. If you are using Cialis and come across these uncommon side effects then take immediate help from your doctor. In these side effects, an immediate treatment is very necessary.

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